Keruyun Open Platform

Connect the partners in the area of personnel, capital, materials and customers

Provide one-stop operation and management platform

Truly link up the closed loop in upstream and downstream of catering industry


Integrate personnel management platform

Achieve one-stop management covering recruitment, training, scheduling and salary distribution






One-stop management of financial

statement and tax declaration

Electronic invoice can be issued in one second

Connect with financial institution, receive

loans immediately with automatic credit extension


Real–time alarm of inventory, and automatic replenish based on the purchasing habits

Connect suppliers in all categories such as fresh food and beverage to achieve cross-platform price comparison


Connect a great number of Customer

platforms to achieve customer

attraction in all channels for merchants and

one-stop management of bill data,

and to get more information of customers

Realize precision marketing and promote

the transformation of VIPs

There are everything you expect in the APP

store to satisfy diverse needs

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